Renaissance Display – SOLD

WmOhs custom showroom display.  This price includes cabinetry, murano mirror, marble counter top, hardware, sink, Jado 24K gold faucet, towel rod, soap dish, and drink cup.   77-1/2″ W x 100″ H x 32-3/4″ D
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A Classic Farmhouse Kitchen

This kitchen re-model, nearing the end of it’s design phase, has been so much fun to work on!  With it’s hand distressed finishes, rustic wood beams, vintage inspired hardware, and hand forged ice box hinges, this Kitchen will offer all the modern day conveniences with a light-hearted ambiance of a warm and welcoming Farmhouse kitchen.

Three Dimensional Presentations

Occasionally, we will be presented with a job where more than a typical drawing set, or even perspective drawing, is necessary to communicate the three-dimensional space at hand.  It is easier for some than others to visualize how a space will ‘feel’.  Three dimensional models have always been a wonderful tool to communicate volume and scale.  As proportion is a very important principal of design, one can see how a tool such as this would aid all parties involved in the project, communicating in a way that two dimensional drawings cannot.

Conceptual Rendering – 2010 Decorators Showhouse

This is a great example of conceptual renderings we do for many of our clients.  Drawn and presented prior to the  install, they help to establish the anticipated ambience of a space and communicate to the client, as well as the designers, the three dimensional design.

This drawing was completed for the Booth Tarkington house, this year’s St. Margaret’s Guild Decorators Showhouse.  The century-old house and it’s beautiful gardens have been restored with all of its designers paying close attention to the history of the home, returing it to it’s original beauty while implementing modern day conveniences.  The house is open to the general public through Sunday, May 9.  The tour is beautiful and a wonderful way to spend an evening.  Please check out the website for more information.

Emily A. Eads

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