The cooking cube

I am calling this design the cooking cube.  I really love the design if you will notice I pushed the refrigerator and the freezer back, and turned them sideways so the doors opened out.  This move gives some extra counter space and keeps people from getting too far into the cooking area.

Rob Klein

Contemporary Classic

I love contemporary design. Done correctly it looks effortless, but don’t be mistaken: there is no room for error. The balance of materials /selections is very important. I love the clean lines, but yet the finish is very warm and inviting.

Appliance placement is everything when it comes to kitchen design. In today’s market they make an appliance for just about every need, so you can really be creative when laying out the appliances for the client. Notice in this kitchen the double ovens are split on the center island. This will allow two cooks in the kitchen and/or freedom to move around the kitchen.

I will post more pictures later,

Rob klein

La Cornue ~ CornuFe For Sale – SOLD

This item has Sold. 

 Black CornuFe, 110 CI For Sale:
Display model has never been used, gloss black enamel with Satin Chrom trim.
43″ W x 25.6″ D x 35.8″ H
Five burner gas cooktop
Two Electric Convection Ovens

$7,000 plus sales tax
(Retails for $8,600)

Please contact Rob or Emily for more information.



Salute to Summer, Traditional Home Magazine, Bremner kitchen

This is the first kitchen that I have seen, in the years that I have been looking at kitchens, that I love every design detail.  BELIEVE me I have been looking too!!! … Fabulous kitchen.  I also take Martha Stewart Living, in one issue she featured her director of design in his new apartment.  He could take lessons from you!!!!!  You need to apply for the job.

Thank you for your time,

Fran Hollinger

Classic and sophisticated

I really like this design. My original drawing for this kitchen was posted in an earlier blog, and  this is the nearly-finished project.  These are just scouting shots, but as you can see when the finishing touches in the space are complete, it will be special.

This is a detail shot of the ovens, and the use of drywall to complete the design.  This is a great detail, and is one of the design elements that makes this design special and really work.  Notice the drywall openings that the cabients are set into are returned.  This is a complicated detail in the field, but as you can see, well worth the effort.


Rob Klein, President

Conceptual Kitchens & Millwork Inc.

Brady Bunch to Bitchin’

This is the Brady Bunch kitchen that I started with!  I am posting this because I think it is interesting for people to see the potential that I see when I walk into a space.

This is another view, and as you can see, it’s not much better.  We had a little cook top malfunction which prompted the remodel.  When all the appliances started to fail I decided I wanted the replacements to feel good about their new home.

This is the finished view.  In order for the kitchen to work with two islands, I recessed the main appliances into the dining room wall.  This gave me the space I needed to make the design work.  It was a challenging space to plan because it was a “tweener” size.  It was not really large enough for two islands, but it was too big for one island.  And then I had a epiphany, to move the refrigerators partially into the dining room and it all fell into place.

The dual island concept is great for entertaining in a kitchen.  You can create dual working zones.  And if those dual working zones are placed correctly and do not over lap, it makes for a great “Cooking Kitchen”.

Culver Cottage

I posted this picture because I wanted to talk about the idea of concealed pantrys and bar areas. As you look at this picture to the left there is a hall way that leads into the pantry and bar area. The next couple pictures will show this idea in more detail.

This is the pantry, and the wood top sits directly behind the range wall, and the opposite wall contains all glass cabinets. Glass cabients are a great idea for this type of room. They enable you to see everything without having to open and close all the doors, hunting for the one lid that is no ware to be found.

Lastly we have a bar. The bar in this design is tucked away for a reason. The client liked the convenience of having a bar close to the kitchen, but did not want it right out in the open. So in this design it is behind the range wall, and accross from the pantry.

Rob Klein

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