Brady Bunch to Bitchin’

This is the Brady Bunch kitchen that I started with!  I am posting this because I think it is interesting for people to see the potential that I see when I walk into a space.

This is another view, and as you can see, it’s not much better.  We had a little cook top malfunction which prompted the remodel.  When all the appliances started to fail I decided I wanted the replacements to feel good about their new home.

This is the finished view.  In order for the kitchen to work with two islands, I recessed the main appliances into the dining room wall.  This gave me the space I needed to make the design work.  It was a challenging space to plan because it was a “tweener” size.  It was not really large enough for two islands, but it was too big for one island.  And then I had a epiphany, to move the refrigerators partially into the dining room and it all fell into place.

The dual island concept is great for entertaining in a kitchen.  You can create dual working zones.  And if those dual working zones are placed correctly and do not over lap, it makes for a great “Cooking Kitchen”.

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  1. Brian

    Sorry, this is hardly the kitchen from The Brady Bunch. #1 the walls were orange #2 the fridge was green. If I look longer, I’ll just continue to find other things that don’t match their kitchen.

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