Culver Cottage

I posted this picture because I wanted to talk about the idea of concealed pantrys and bar areas. As you look at this picture to the left there is a hall way that leads into the pantry and bar area. The next couple pictures will show this idea in more detail.

This is the pantry, and the wood top sits directly behind the range wall, and the opposite wall contains all glass cabinets. Glass cabients are a great idea for this type of room. They enable you to see everything without having to open and close all the doors, hunting for the one lid that is no ware to be found.

Lastly we have a bar. The bar in this design is tucked away for a reason. The client liked the convenience of having a bar close to the kitchen, but did not want it right out in the open. So in this design it is behind the range wall, and accross from the pantry.

Rob Klein