Perfect Kitchen for our Cottage

Our lake kitchen needed to be functional and up to date but traditional enough to fit in with our more formal cottage and antiques. Rob designed a perfect kitchen for us. Rob streamlined the look but added the important little details that make a kitchen unique. Our kitchen is wonderful for cooking, it has tons of storage, and it is beautiful to see.

–Gina Bremner, Culver Cottage



Salute to Summer, Traditional Home Magazine, Bremner kitchen

This is the first kitchen that I have seen, in the years that I have been looking at kitchens, that I love every design detail.  BELIEVE me I have been looking too!!! … Fabulous kitchen.  I also take Martha Stewart Living, in one issue she featured her director of design in his new apartment.  He could take lessons from you!!!!!  You need to apply for the job.

Thank you for your time,

Fran Hollinger

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