4 Things We Can’t Tell You About This Image

This image has been saved to hundreds of ideabooks, and pinned nearly as many times. Due to the prolific sharing of the image, we’ve been asked many questions about this project.  Well, we should clarify, we’ve been asked four questions over and over again and we are unable to answer them.

1. What is the ceiling paint color?
2. Where we did you get the stools?
3. Where can I get a horse like that?
4. What is the stain used on the wood floors?

It is not our intent to be evasive. Let us explain our ignorance. As often happens when applying paint, the color can look quite different than it did originally in the sample book. In our case, the dark stain of the floor reflected off the white cabinets and up onto the ceiling. This affected the how the color was perceived. The painter took pains to mix the color on the fly to achieve the intended color the client selected. The stain? This floor came from an out of state contractor.

The horse? It’s a weather vane. And you’d have to go through Suzanne Kasler, the interior designer, to get one yourself. This goes for the stools as well.

We can tell you it is a process. We make decision after decision to create a layering effect. We spend a lot of time with our clients to learn how they use a kitchen and, ultimately, how our design can make them feel it was uniquely created just for them.

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